Do you want to change the world? Sponsor a child!

If you sponsor a child now... or have ever thought about sponsoring a child... you may have wondered:  Am I really helping?  Am I really changing anything?.

New research by an economist and his team show measurable impact from child sponsorship programs.  So, if you want to change the world... consider sponsoring a child!

In all six countries studied, research demonstrated that sponsorship results in better educational outcomes for children. Overall, sponsorship makes children 27 to 40 percent more likely to complete secondary school, and 50 to 80 percent more likely to complete a university education.

How do child sponsorship programs impact the children and how do such programs impact the economy of their countries?

You can read about the comprehensive research and the results in this article on Christianity Today:  Want to Change the World?  Sponsor a Child.

You can sponsor a child at one of the New Hope for Children Orphanages in India for $29/month.  100% of your monthly gift goes to India to provide food, clothing, education, and a loving Christian environment for one of the 137 children in four orphanages.  Click here to meet some of the children at New Hope Orphanages.

Sweat shirts travel around the world, get lost, and then FOUND!

 In our ministry to orphans, God takes us down some unexpected roads, and we get to meet some very special people who have a heart for children.
   Several weeks ago, Big Family Mission received this email from the Quebe Sisters Band:
    We were recently in St Petersburg and accidentally left a large box of new clothes - sizes 3-5 - for children ages 3-6 at a hotel. Approx. 50 items. If there is an area orphanage in need, and if someone could pick it up from the hotel storage area we would like to donate it. These are brand new clothes we purchased here in Texas and brought with us on the trip. Please let me know! It is at a hotel right near the Hermitage Museum.”
   We sometimes get “strange” emails out of the blue, and many times they are not “real people” with legitimate concerns or questions.  I (Ken) must admit I had never heard of the Quebe Sisters Band, so of course, the first thing I did was Google them.  I quickly learned that, indeed, there is such a band, and they are very talented fiddlers and vocalists… and I love their music!
   We got the name of the hotel, and Natasha Kirillova picked up the box of sweatshirts later that week.  Then, when her team visited the Nikolsky orphanage, the shirts were distributed to some very happy children who had to try on their new shirts right away (see photo above).
   The Quebe Sisters Band was traveling in Russia on a U.S. Embassy/Library of Congress tour.  They hope to return to Russia someday, and we are hopeful that they can present a concert for some of the children.  (Natasha also likes their music!)  You will find them here: .