Help! To "go into all the world" you've got to have WHEELS! Pothole "ambushes" Russian orphan ministry volunteer. Can you help?

If you would like to make a donation to help with the car repairs (estimated at $1100), you can do so on the donation page of Big Family Mission located here: Big Family Mission donation page .  Thank you for considering to help!

Host an orphan from Latvia or Ukraine summer 2014

Celebrating July 4th in USA!
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Quick facts about the orphan hosting program:
  • Not an adoption program, but many of the Latvian and Ukrainian orphans who come to the United States can be and will be adopted by families they meet during visit;
  • Families who host may be interested in adoption, but are under no obligation to adopt a child who is hosted.  
  • Latvian orphans and Ukrainian orphans, ages 5 years to 15, will live with host families for about 4 weeks, beginning late June, exact dates to be announced.
  • Hosting husband and wife must be of the Christian faith and attending a church. (Single mothers may also host.)
  • Submit the form above to receive more information.
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