Which country in the world has the highest percentage of orphans?

   Would you be surprised to learn that Russia has more orphans, based on percent of total children population, than any country in the world?
   Statistics about the number of Russian orphans are somewhat unreliable, simply because there is no official recognized way of compiling the statistics.  

   In Ludmila Shipitsyna's book Psychology of Orphans, published in 2008, she writes that the official number of orphans in Russia at the end of 2004 was 699,200, but that police files state 2.5 million.   Dr. Shipitsyna, a noted psychologist who resides in St. Petersburg, Russia,  writes that "Russia occupies first place in the world by number of orphans per 10,000 children" and that nearly 50 percent of Russia's children (18 million) "belong to the social risk zone".
   Dr. Shipitsyna's book, available on Google's ebooks as well as on, is a "recommended read" for anyone who is adopting an orphan from Russia or Eastern Europe.
   You can find more statistics on Russian orphans on the website of Big Family Mission. 

It's estimated that Russia has more than 3 million orphans