There are millions of orphans in Russia, but they come into families just one or two at a time.  Our vision is a “Russia with No Orphans”, and the vision comes about when God touches the hearts of families like the Drobyshevskys who are members of our partner church in Kommunar, Russia.
    We asked Tatyana, mom of the family, to tell their story.  She writes:
     “I want to tell you how adopted children came to our family. Since my childhood I have been dreaming to have children who don`t have their own parents in my family. I always had this thought in my heart – to become mamma for a child who doesn`t have one. A year and a half after we got married with my husband Denis, doctors diagnosed me with infertility. I underwent an operation and was preparing for the second one. I took treatments but no one guaranteed any positive result. At our family council we decided that if we wouldn`t have our own children it didn`t mean that we wouldn`t have children at all. I started to study about foster parents. We finished a school for foster parents and started gathering all the necessary documents. And once I saw a boy on one of special foster parent’s sites, and I liked the boy very much. That boy lived in an orphanage at Lomonosov, Russia, and had a very beautiful name: Irakli. His mother rejected him at a maternity hospital. The boy had a pre-natal HIV and hepatitis C contact; later these diagnoses were removed. 
     “We had some difficulties with the documents.  All the procedure lasted for 9 months, and during that period of time some other people were about to take our boy but he waited for us.  We started visiting Irakli in October, 2008, and in December we had a hearing to get permission to adopt him. Three days before I brought all the documents to the court, I found out that I was pregnant!  God made a miracle! So during half a year, we had already 2 children, a boy and a girl! 
     “I am so thankful to God for our children. I know that if Irakli had not come into our family, we wouldn`t have our daughter Emiliya. He was destined to become the first child in our family. 
     “Two and half years later we realized we were ready to take more children to our family. We met Aleksandr during a celebration we made at Siversky orphanage, and later we met his sister Natalya. We started visiting with them, and then made a decision to take them to our family. 
     “That is how God blessed our family!”
Please meet the Drobyshevsky family:  Mom and Dad Tatyana and Denis, and children, left to right, Aleksandr, age 13, Emiliya, age 2, Natalya, age 12, and Irakli, age 5. Big Family Mission and the Word of Faith Church in Kommunar, Russia, are now helping with financial and prayer support for this family who brought three orphans into their family.  Aleksandr, Natalya, and Irakli are the adopted children in the family.