Be Prepared! A guide to adopting from the U.S. foster care system

    All adoptions are not "warm and fuzzy".  If you adopted before, this is certainly "no news" to you.
    However, if your family is considering adopting and you have no experience with adopting a child, you may want to check out this online book about adopting.  It's written by a mother who works with adoptions everyday.  It is a very detailed walk through the long path that leads to adoption, specifically geared to adoption from the U.S. foster care system.
    The author advices in the book's introduction:  "While at times, this book may sound anti-adoption, it is anything but. What this is really about is honesty in adoption. Showing you some pictures of happy families, and giving you “warm, fuzzy” stories about adoption, could ultimately do you, and your future family, a great disservice. When dealing with traumatized children, knowing what could lie ahead will be your greatest asset. Be prepared for the worst, and hopefully, you will never have to use your knowledge, but as the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared.” 

Big Family Mission encourages Russian families to adopt from  the orphanages.