FosterClub: you have the power to change the life of a young person in foster care

Celeste Bodner, executive director of FosterClub, is excited when "grownups" visit their website.  She writes:
"While FosterClub is the national network for young people in foster care, we are excited to have you here, too! (on their website)
"I’m sure you agree — all children deserve a safe, happy life, including the 513,000 American children and youth in foster care. Every two minutes, a child’s life changes as they enter the foster care system and FosterClub is their club — a place to turn for advice, information, and hope.
"The difference between triumph and tragedy for young people in foster care is clear to us at FosterClub. Success stories come about when someone takes the time to offer comfort, provide support, give advice, or simply share a milestone moment with a young person. No matter what their age, every young person in foster care benefits from a meaningful connection to a caring adult who becomes a supportive and lasting presence in his or her life.
"The members of FosterClub are resilient young people determined to build a better future for themselves and for other kids coming up through the system behind them. Their success depends on the generosity of concerned people like you.
"Now is the time to get involved. No matter how much time you have to give or your level of contribution, you have the power to do something positive that will change life for a young person in foster care."

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