Can you help us continue our summer Christian camp for orphans? Camp Grace in 2017? Please pray and consider a gift?

UPDATE: land for this project has been purchased.  Praise God! We still need donations to help with building a small camp building. Also looking for a mission team that would be willing to help with the project!

     Over the past 21 years, our summer camp held in a rented cabin at Bolshevo has changed the lives of many orphans and their families.
    Looking to the summer of 2017, we are in desperate need to find a new location for the camp.  The small cabin we rented in Bolshevo is no longer available.
Christian island of happiness!
    Will you join us in prayer and also consider helping us to buy a piece of land for the summer camp?  We have found a suitable piece of land, available now for $16,000. For our small ministry, that is a huge sum… and it can only happen with lots of prayer and through the grace of God.
    We speak of our little summer camp as a “Christian island of happiness and Christ’s love” in the midst of a challenging world.
    For all the children, it has never been just a drop of fresh air, but a positive surrounding, where they feel loved and accepted by the leaders of the camps. They develop friendship with new people and learn to live and spend time in an atmosphere free of alcohol or drugs. The children live in a Christian family example—with Bible studies and prayer.
     All those years life at the summer village house brought a lot of fruits into the life of the orphans that we help.  The camp became a very important and stable part of our
ministry. We do not want to stop. We want   to be able to minister to more orphans and their families in need! We want it to become a base for different Christian ministries, our guests, to come and share the love of God with the people who search for it so much!

  Will you join us in prayer for continuation of our summer camp… with a new location and a new name? Will you help us establish Camp Grace?
    Thank you for your consideration and prayers!

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Natasha Kirillova
Help for Children Charity Foundation

BIG FAMILY FRIENDS! You light up the lives of Russian orphans!

100% of your gift goes to help orphans: no employees, all volunteers, expenses paid with special donations

SJASSTROJ VISIT (report by Natasha Kirillova)
     We invite you to see several pictures from our last trip to Sjjastroj, where we have children from different orphanages who study to get a profession and live at the hostel.     

At the meeting we talked about the “dream” and what you can do to make your dream come true. We encouraged children to make big goals in life and move towards your goal no matter what past you have! Orphans have the same dreams as many children of their age – to have a good job, to buy a car. 
     But their biggest dream is to have a better life than their parents had.
     We used the video of Nick Vuichich as an example of God’s plan in the life of a person. Children have never heard about this brave man and got very encouraged by his message!
     Many children in Sjasstroj we know from last year, but we have a lot of new children too. The whole group got presents at the end of our meeting – the necessary things for their everyday life; shoes, clothes, and snacks. 
     The Luga graduates didn’t want to let us go, so we spent some time at their hostel and we were happy to see that their conditions are slowly changing for better – in few rooms repairs were made during the summer time.
     Children send their love to each one of you and are ready for the new school year meetings with us!

Thank you for helping orphans’ 
dreams come true! 

     Orphans from Siversky for a long time had a dream to have a new guitar to be able to learn to play.  Their teacher of music is a pastor of small local church. Thank you for providing money for the new guitar! Let it be used for the glory of God!

     Stas, pastor of the church, writes:

     “My family, church and children from the orphanage are thankful from all our heart for the new instrument! After we received the money, we went  to the store and with great pleasure chose and bought the guitar that we needed so much.  
     Thank you so much from all of us for this big income into talents development and ministry to the Lord! May God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.       
     You are welcome to visit us, we are praying for you, and here I enclose few pictures of Siversky children.” 

May God bless you for all you are doing for the orphans!

Learn more about how you can get involved with ministry to Russian orphans here: Help for Children & Big Family Mission. 

40 orphans hope to attend summer church camp this year: would you like to help? Rescue one child!

By Marla Summers, Big Family Mission Volunteer

Your donation of $50 to sponsor a Russian orphan at church camp can change a child's life forever! Thank you for considering an investment into the life of one of God's special children!

This year, the New Generation Church at Gatchina has the wonderful opportunity to provide a church camp for 40 children from a Russian orphanage.  Nadya Stagneeva and her team at the church are asking for donations to provide food for the children during the camp.  Your donation of just $50 provides food for one child for the entire camp!!!

Here's a description of some of the past church camps... your donation of just $50 can change the life of one orphan FOREVER!!!


Last year, eleven children from Luga orphanage spent two weeks at a summer camp run by New Generation Church at Gatchina, located just south of Petersburg, Russia. According to Natasha Kirillova, director of Help for Children, the camp was a, “special time for the orphans to feel God’s love and care.” The entire camp consisted of around 150 people, allowing the orphans to spend the weeks surrounded by other families and the love poured on them by the adults, both experiences they never would have at Luga.

 The children played games with their new friends, made skits, went on boat rides, learned to bake cakes, went swimming, and competed in art and sport competitions. For the good-bye party at the end of the week, camp leaders went into town and purchased pretty new clothes for the children, who were completely amazed that they could take their new outfits home with them to the orphanage.

Some of the children, especially the older girls, were very closed to people at first. Yet by the end of their stay, no one wanted to leave. One boy said that he had never met so many kind people in his life.

Every day the children went to two services to worship and pray together with the other families.  Natasha considers that the most exciting part of all the camps was “to see how children grow in the knowledge of the Lord.” Two boys from Luga, Denis and Anton, were baptized during the course of the camp.

This year, more children from Luga are looking for partners to sponsor them in attending the camp. They will be divided into small groups and be placed among the children from other families, which will be very beneficial for them as they will experience community in a healthy Christian atmosphere and build relationships with people outside their orphanage. They will be encouraged and loved upon by the caring adults staying at the camp with them.

Every day, there will be a worship meeting to foster spiritual growth and fellowship. Natasha views the time as “ice breaking for their souls.” At the end of the stay will be a final party including the performance of Christian skits.

 “Please pray for our meetings with all our children and graduates that we minister to,” says Natasha, “as we plan to have three large meetings with them before the end of school.” There will also be baptisms available for those who feel called.

If you think that God might have you do something meaningful with your money this summer, this
just may be the opportunity for you. Big Family is looking for partners to sponsor children from Luga in attending this camp, which makes an immense impact in the lives of these orphans.

Natasha is very grateful for those who donate for this project:  “Thank you for investing into the lives of children who are God’s special kids!”  She prays that God will bring miracles into the lives of the sponsors, just as He is doing through them in the lives of the children.

Just click on the GIVE button to donate to help 40 orphan children attend the summer church camp this summer.  A donation of $50 provides full sponsorship of one child.  Donations of any amount are most welcome!  Thank you for considering this investment into the lives of God's special children in Russia!

Join with Karen Jones for her next life-changing adventure: go to Russia and minister in Russian orphanages!

Karen Jones and team on a previous mission trip to visit Russian orphanages
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A few photos from a past mission trip with Karen...

Steve from USA with Luga boys
We participated in our family values lesson, shared about their life as a family, encouraged kids that no matter where their life started the future can be positive. 

All 4 days of their stay was full of interesting events – craft lesson where everybody made gifts to the children who are in the hospitals, outing to St. Petersburg when children played 4 hours in the amusement park, two wonderful days of week-end with Biblical stories, fellowship and soccer. Attention, care and love were so touching. 

New friends: Natasha, Luga, and Tanya, USA
Children found new friends, they had people who cared and listened to their problems, who accepted them the way they are! The four days became unforgettable. 

There was a lot of fun but a lot of tears when it was time to say good-bye!

Join Karen Jones and LifeLine Missions on the next mission trip to visit Russian orphanages and baby houses.  

One valentine card can make the difference in one child's life this year


 Children in orphanage for visually impaired 
hugged and smelled their first valentine cards!    
Will you join us in this project to send 
Light and Love to Russian orphans?
     Last year, many Russian orphans received their very first valentine... and knew that someone, somewhere in the world cared enough to mail them a valentine card.
     This is a great project for children in your family!  We will email you information on how and where to send your valentines.
     Please sign up today!