Can you help us continue our summer Christian camp for orphans? Camp Grace in 2017? Please pray and consider a gift?

UPDATE: land for this project has been purchased.  Praise God! We still need donations to help with building a small camp building. Also looking for a mission team that would be willing to help with the project!

     Over the past 21 years, our summer camp held in a rented cabin at Bolshevo has changed the lives of many orphans and their families.
    Looking to the summer of 2017, we are in desperate need to find a new location for the camp.  The small cabin we rented in Bolshevo is no longer available.
Christian island of happiness!
    Will you join us in prayer and also consider helping us to buy a piece of land for the summer camp?  We have found a suitable piece of land, available now for $16,000. For our small ministry, that is a huge sum… and it can only happen with lots of prayer and through the grace of God.
    We speak of our little summer camp as a “Christian island of happiness and Christ’s love” in the midst of a challenging world.
    For all the children, it has never been just a drop of fresh air, but a positive surrounding, where they feel loved and accepted by the leaders of the camps. They develop friendship with new people and learn to live and spend time in an atmosphere free of alcohol or drugs. The children live in a Christian family example—with Bible studies and prayer.
     All those years life at the summer village house brought a lot of fruits into the life of the orphans that we help.  The camp became a very important and stable part of our
ministry. We do not want to stop. We want   to be able to minister to more orphans and their families in need! We want it to become a base for different Christian ministries, our guests, to come and share the love of God with the people who search for it so much!

  Will you join us in prayer for continuation of our summer camp… with a new location and a new name? Will you help us establish Camp Grace?
    Thank you for your consideration and prayers!

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Natasha Kirillova
Help for Children Charity Foundation