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SJASSTROJ VISIT (report by Natasha Kirillova)
     We invite you to see several pictures from our last trip to Sjjastroj, where we have children from different orphanages who study to get a profession and live at the hostel.     

At the meeting we talked about the “dream” and what you can do to make your dream come true. We encouraged children to make big goals in life and move towards your goal no matter what past you have! Orphans have the same dreams as many children of their age – to have a good job, to buy a car. 
     But their biggest dream is to have a better life than their parents had.
     We used the video of Nick Vuichich as an example of God’s plan in the life of a person. Children have never heard about this brave man and got very encouraged by his message!
     Many children in Sjasstroj we know from last year, but we have a lot of new children too. The whole group got presents at the end of our meeting – the necessary things for their everyday life; shoes, clothes, and snacks. 
     The Luga graduates didn’t want to let us go, so we spent some time at their hostel and we were happy to see that their conditions are slowly changing for better – in few rooms repairs were made during the summer time.
     Children send their love to each one of you and are ready for the new school year meetings with us!

Thank you for helping orphans’ 
dreams come true! 

     Orphans from Siversky for a long time had a dream to have a new guitar to be able to learn to play.  Their teacher of music is a pastor of small local church. Thank you for providing money for the new guitar! Let it be used for the glory of God!

     Stas, pastor of the church, writes:

     “My family, church and children from the orphanage are thankful from all our heart for the new instrument! After we received the money, we went  to the store and with great pleasure chose and bought the guitar that we needed so much.  
     Thank you so much from all of us for this big income into talents development and ministry to the Lord! May God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.       
     You are welcome to visit us, we are praying for you, and here I enclose few pictures of Siversky children.” 

May God bless you for all you are doing for the orphans!

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