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Encourage Natasha Kirillova with your sign up today!  Your interest and prayers will be a tremendous blessing for us and for the children!  Will you help us  take the GOOD WORD, love, hope, friendship, and lots of hugs to children in state-run Russian orphanages?
Boys at one of the orphanages with their new Bibles

We are praying that YOU will join with us in 2017!

A little more about the ministry...

Natasha Kirillova with the girls at Jukki orphanage
  Our ministry teams are the only adult friends or family for many of the children.  These faithful volunteers need our financial help to:
  • Give children special treats like fruit, tea, and cake when they visit; 
  • Provide games, craft, and sports items for orphanages;
  • Supply special medicines and vitamins for children;
  • Celebrate children’s birthdays;
  • Give clothing items like socks and underwear.

   The need to help orphans in Russia is great:  over 3 million orphans and children at risk. Without help, an orphan’s future is bleak: prison, violent death, drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, suicide.

As a partner for the orphanage ministry team, you will receive:
  • News about the team you are partnering with (photos, etc.)
  • Information about the orphanage you are helping
  • Photos and occasional videos about the children and ministry to the children.
  • Information about how you can send cards, letters, small gifts to children if you wish.
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