Taking the Light and Love of Jesus to Russian orphans!

    Igor Klishchenko and his family dedicate their time and resources to becoming friends and family for Russian orphans in the Kaluga region.
    Igor is a talented musician, and he enjoys sharing his talent with children in orphanages, who love to sign, dance, and perform.
    Igor posted a video of children in one orphanage singing and dancing... performing for the video camera.  He shared it on Facebook and you can enjoy the fun and excitement that Igor and his family brought to the orphanage.
    Big Family Mission is trying to help Igor find financial support for his ministry.  He is indeed a missionary who has been sent in his own country to carry the Light and Love of Jesus to orphans.  We have two families who are helping now, but we need 15 more faithful partners who are willing to donate $50 each month (or 30 who will donate $25 each month) to help keep Igor's mission running.   You can find more information on Big Family Mission's website. 

Vicki is learning to play guitar and Igor is recording her music, which he will share soon