Check out resources for Orphan Sunday 2011

How are you and your church remembering orphans on Orphan Sunday, November 6, 2011?

This year, Orphan Sunday will be observed by churches around the world, with most churches marking the first Sunday in November as Orphan Sunday. 

Orphan Sunday is a simple idea that began in Africa and then swept the U.S. in 2009 and 2010.
Over the past two years, following an example set by Zambian churches, hundreds of thousands
of American Christians have participated in local Orphan Sunday events. This year, Orphan
Sunday will again be celebrated across America, and is also now echoing back across the seas to
countries as diverse as Ukraine, Russia, Guatemala and Kenya.

On Orphan Sunday, churches and families pause to remember and celebrate God’s  heart for the fatherless and how Christians can respond through adoption, foster care and global orphan initiatives. Locally organized events last year ranged from sermons on how adoption reflects the Gospel story to
fund raisers, community-wide rallies, concerts and prayer gatherings.

You’ll find videos, church bulletins, sermon ideas, and various other resources to help make Orphan Sunday special on this Orphan Sunday  website.

Looking for a special way to remember and honor orphans.  Find how you can partner with churches and volunteers in Russia who are ministering to older orphans who desperately need our help.