Orphans in India need sponsors

We seek sponsors for 85 children at the New Hope for Children orphanage in Bangalore, India.
Sponsoring a child at the New Hope orphanage provides the unique opportunity to correspond directly with your sponsored child.  Sponsors can send letters and packages directly to a child at the orphanage.  The children will also write to you directly, rather than through an organization.
 Most of the children either speak English or are learning English.  The $29 sponsorship fee covers the cost of food, clothing, shelter, education, and a loving family environment.
May we introduce one of the children at New Hope?
This is Swetha.  She is 8 years old, and her favorite color is red. She loves dancing and hopes to be a teacher. Her brother Ruben also lives at NHCH. Swetha's mother is a domestic worker. Her father abandoned her mother and got remarried. At present Swetha's mother can't take care of her children, so they came to live at New Hope for Children Home.
 To learn more about sponsoring a child at New Hope for Children Home in India, please visit this information page about child sponsorship in India.