We are all orphans until we are adopted by the Father! Rejoice for these new children of God!

Pastor George preaching at Bhadrachalam
Here is an email we received today from Pastor George Fernandes, who was preaching in remote tribal village area near Bhadrachalam.  Read and rejoice with Pastor George!

Dear beloved...
Today is the final day of the meetings in Bhadrachalam.
Today I preached on "Jesus Risen Again"  to answer four questions: 

1. Doubt 
2. Guilt or sin 
3. Loneliness, and
4. Death.
I gave an altar call.  There were 230 people and 40 children attended the meeting. All children came forward, and 180 adults came forward. Two youths wanted me to baptise them immediately .
All Glory and Honor to my Father in Heaven!  Heaven rejoiced!. Everyone felt and experienced the Day of Pentecost. Hallelujah,  Hallelujah,  Hallelujah!.
God is great.
In Christ,
Pastor George 

Young man is baptized at Bhadrachalm!

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