Come with us to visit Tolmachevo orphanage in Russia

  Please come with us and go for a visit to the orphanage at Tolmachevo, Russia!  Nadya Stagneev and her team from the New Generation Church in Gatchina gave the older children a lesson in pizza cooking.
   In a warm friendly atmosphere children helped make the dough, and then cooked pizza.  Children who live in orphanages run by the Russian government rarely have the opportunity to participate in simple household chores or to do any cooking. 
   Nadya writes:  “Our fellowship was very nice.  Children  shared about their school.  There was a lot of fun and laughter.
   “Our team played on the moon walk, read, and colored books with the younger children.
   “When the pizza was ready, we sat around the table and, just like in a big family, had tea-time. Children are very open for communication.
    “We had a guest from Latvia as a part of the team, and she played violin.  Children listened attentively.
   “At the end, we gave children different little gifts.
   “Thank you for making it possible for our teams in Russia to take the Light and Love of Jesus into orphanages!  Please enjoy photos from our visit!”

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