Your donation of just $5 takes the Good News message of Easter to one Russian orphan! Cake, fruit, and special treats included!

We need 100 special people to encourage 100 special orphan children at Easter celebrations to be held in Russian orphanages!

Donate just $5 to take the Light and Love of Jesus to one child.  

We will read a list of first names and locations of each donor to let the children know that people all around the world care for them!

Click on "Give Us Five" to donate $5.  You can donate online or through the mail.

Don't have $5 to give?  Email us at, giving us your first name and location, and we will donate $5 for you!

No reason not to get involved!

God bless you and thank you!

Learn more about our ministry to Russian orphans here:  Rescue Russian orphans!