Have a family member or friend who does NOT know Jesus as their Lord and Savior? GIVE him or her a copy of HOPSCOTCH!

  • HOPSCOTCH  presents the good news of God's family in simple child-like fashion

     WARNING: This is not a children's book...even though most children will understand its contents.

     It's a book to give to your friends and loved ones who have not yet decided to join the family of God. Hopscotch is a little book about LIFE, about life after DEATH, and about BELIEFS. 

     Although Hopscotch takes on the appearance of a children’s book, it is very much a book for every citizen of planet earth. Where is the hopscotch of life taking you or taking a person you know who has not yet believed on God's gift of Jesus Christ? 

     One thing is for certain: all of us will someday be jumping from the LIFE box of “hopscotch” into the DEATH box. When we take that jump, what happens? Does it matter what you and I believe? 

     In Hopscotch, Myra lays out, in child-like fashion, the logical argument that what you and I believe is critical for deciding what happens to us when we go from LIFE into DEATH. 

     If you have ever tried to explain the simple truth of the gospel to a friend or loved one... and cannot seem to get to first base... give them a copy of HOPSCOTCH

What happens to you and to me after we die? What happens to your friends after they die.  Let little Myra explain it all in HOPSCOTCH.