Christian Alliance for Orphans: Russia's Adoption Ban Has Little to Do with Adoptions

Don't miss Jedd Medefind's insightful post on the Christian Alliance for Orphans' blog: "Russia's Adoption Ban Has Very Little to Do with Adoptions".

Jedd provides some excellent background on the changes in Russia that led to the recent ban on adoptions by families who live in the United States.

Also, he outlines "what we can do now":

"1) Pray. Ultimately, the ability to decisively change Russia’s new law rests far beyond the capacity of those who desire to do so. Pray that the hearts of Russian leaders would come to place greater priority upon the well-being of children than any competing consideration.

"2) Support In-Country Adoption & Orphan Care. The ultimate desire of the Christian Alliance for Orphans is to see the local church in every nation would rise as the primary answer for the orphans in their midst. (See more on this HERE.) Russia is a very long way from this now. Yet truly meaningful efforts are stirring. Americans who care deeply for Russian orphans can pray for and support the growing Christian adoption and orphan care efforts within Russia.

"3) Encourage Family-Centered Priorities in the U.S. Government. While overt U.S. government actions certainly can’t alter Russia’s laws, there’s reason to hope that quiet diplomacy may be able to shift or soften Russia’s stance on this issue over time as part of broader negotiations on a range of issues. Meanwhile, beyond Russia, the policies and foreign aid investments of the U.S. government worldwide can serve to cultivate family-based solutions as the priority for orphans–including family preservation efforts and both local and inter-country adoption."

Big Family Mission was instrumental in starting the Russia with No Orphans movement in 2011.  Russia with No Orphans encourages Russian churches to get involved in encouraging the adoption of Russian orphans by families in Russia.

Russian family who adopted children from the local orphanage