Igor takes a father's love to Vika & other Russian orphans: we are the only ones who visit

   Meet Vika (in orphanage photos below).  Vika is typical of the orphans who have “family” through the ministry of Igor Klishchenko and his family. 
   Igor tells Vika’s story:  “She is an 11-year-old girl who we met and spent time with at our camp two years ago.  She is what is called a “social orphan”.  She does not have a mother, and her father is an alcoholic and does not take care of her.  She now spends most of her time in a special orphan camp for children who have a known history of tuberculosis.  We have visited Vika in her hometown several times, and now we visit with her at the orphanage.  We bring her clothing and toys each time we visit with her. 
   “Vika is always very glad to see us and introduces us to her friends.  Nobody visits her except us.  She looks up to us as the only people that show her any kind of love and considers us as her only family.   She always asks us to bring her books to read as she loves to read.  We maintain relationships with many children such as Vika to show them love, and encourage them as we know they will face many hardships, loneliness and difficulties in the future.
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   "I am in need of future support to provide these children with Russian Christian books and Bibles as well as general expenses such a gas to visit with these children on a consistent basis.  We are often asked to organize parties for these children, and the directors often ask us to come and to sponsor and organize such parties.  
   “In the year ahead, we will be faced with many needs and many opportunities to be God’s witness and the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  A child like Vika wants to see us more often. 
   “Our visits give these children hope for the future!”
   Thank you, Igor, for taking a Father’s love to His special children in Russian orphanages!

   Would you consider partnering with Igor in his ministry to Russian orphans?  Igor is one of the few men in Russia who are involved in full-time ministry to orphans.  The children are blessed so much to have a father figure they can look to.  Get started now!