The pure Joy of sharing Christmas in Russian orphanages!

Enjoy the pure joy of celebrating Christmas with orphans in Russia!In February's Big Family Mission newsletter, we provide a quick overview of scenes from Christmas celebrations held by volunteers and ministry teams in the St. Petersburg area of Russia.We rejoice that, again this year, we were able to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in orphanages that are run by the Russian government.  Those who celebrated with the children were able to share the true meaning of Christmas.  For many years, under Communist regimes, Christmas was not a holiday, and New Year’s Day became the “big holiday”.Most Russians celebrate Christmas on 7 January (date of Christmas on the Orthodox calendar)… and now the entire first week of the year has become a week-long celebration of New Year’s Day and Christmas.Many of the children received Bibles along with other gifts this year.  Our ministry teams always tell about sponsors around the world who love and care for the children… and make the Christmas celebrations and gifts possible.
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Volunteers from this church conducted a Christmas pageant, played games, and distributed gifts at the orphanage.