Orphans need more understanding from adoptive parents

   The early separation of children from their biological parents can trigger genetic changes that can affect how they think when they grow up, according to a study made by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine.  
   The conclusion: adoptive parents should be more understanding to keep the orphan's mental health development as normal as possible. 
   This finding comes from a small-scale study of 14 children who grew since birth in institutions along with same number of children raised by biological parents as controls. In the study, children’s genomes from blood samples, were profiled and examined to determine biological processes in their systems.
   Said one researcher:  "Our study shows that the early stress of separation from a biological parent impacts long-term programming of genome function; this might explain why adopted children may be particularly vulnerable to harsh parenting in terms of their physical and mental health."
    You can read more about the study here.

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