Safe Families for Children™... alternative to temporary foster care

Safe Families for Children™, developed by Bethany Christian Servicesis a national movement of compassion that gives hope to families in crisis. 

This network of host families help parents who need to temporarily place their children due to unmanageable or critical circumstances. A host family provides a loving sanctuary and serves out of a sense of compassion and love.

Safe Families is not foster care or adoption. In foster care, children are wards of the State and families receive compensation for taking children into their homes. Host families receive no compensation for caring for children, and parents voluntarily place their children with them. 

Children whom you host are also not believed to be victims of abuse and neglect. The goal of the Safe Families ministry is to offer support in a time of need and reunite children with their families in a stronger, more healthy home environment.

This temporary care for children in need gives parents time to establish stability in their homes. Can you open your home to a family going through a troubled time? Reach out with God’s love and compassion to embrace those who need help in your community.

Parents remain involved in Safe Families approach

Parents place their child into your home voluntarily. Children are not in the custody of the State. Parents are actively involved in their children’s lives and will develop a relationship with your family. Bethany staff work with the parents during this transition to identify steps to regain stability and be reunited with their children quickly and safely.

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