The orphan count that really counts: 5 billion

As time passes, I become increasingly aware that the real number of orphans in the world is about 5 billion.
That's the current number of men and women on planet earth who have not accepted God's plan for adoption.
There are about 7 billion people living on our planet.  It's estimated that about 2 billion of us have said "yes" to God and His plan to adopt us as sons and daughters, and make us joint heirs with His dear son Jesus.
God has made His "family plan" so simple... and the world has made it so complicated.
From the time of God's earliest communication with mankind, God made it very clear:  "Today, I set before you life and death.  Choose life!"
Why have 5 billion current inhabitants of planet earth not yet chosen life?  Why would they prefer "death"?  The reason hasn't changed over the years:  because they believe they know more than God and don't wish to be a part of His eternal family.
God is still issuing His call to be adopted, to a part of His family, daily.  Let us pray that the eyes of 5 billion children will be opened, and that they will accept the invitation to come into God's big family!

Many of the orphans we minister to in Russia have come into God's family!