Top adoption and orphan info websites: National American Council on Adoptable Children

Through advocacy, education, adoption support, and leadership development in the U.S. and Canada, NACAC helps to reform systems, alter viewpoints, and change lives. NACAC services include the following: 

  • Support parent groups and other community leaders in their efforts to advocate for waiting children and adoptive families in their communities;
  •  Host one of the most comprehensive adoption training conferences in North America, with more than 100 accredited workshops for parents and professionals;
  • Inform parents, professionals, and others about waiting children and other issues related to foster care and adoption through our quarterly newsletter Adoptalk and other publications;
  • Conduct training sessions and workshops on adoption subsidy, child welfare reform, transracial adoption, and other issues related to foster care and special needs adoption;
  • Offer leadership training to adoptive, foster, and kinship parents to help create and enhance support groups for families in their communities;
  • Create and disseminate publications that provide resources, information, and support to adoptive families and prospective adopters;
  • Provide phone consultation and materials to address parents' questions about adoption subsidies for children with special needs.
Big Family Mission helps Russian orphans who may never have the opportunity to be adopted.