Top orphan and adoption info websites: Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption

With chapters across the US and members around the world, Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption provides  international adoption support resources for families completed through adoption in Eastern European and Central Asian countries. FRUA provides a community that nurtures children and supports parents, family and adoption education resources, and the world-class FRUA National Education Conference.

The adopted children of FRUA's families come from all former Soviet bloc countries and republics, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,  Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania and many more.  FRUA believes that every child deserves a forever family and celebrates the rich heritage of our children's birth countries. Their Orphan Support efforts ensure we never forget the children left behind in those orphanages.

From it's beginnings in 1994 as a local Washington DC parent group to its growth as an international, multi-chapter support resource, FRUA continues to focus on the following goals:
* To improve the lives of children
* To strengthen families
* To share the culture and heritage of our children
* To provide peer group support for our children
* To provide peer group support for parents
* To promote a reality-based perception of our children.

This is an excellent website for those who have adopted or plan to adopt from Eastern European countries.

Big Family Mission ministers to orphans in Russia who may never have the opportunity to be adopted.