Adventure of a lifetime: volunteer to help in India orphanage

For Hannah Scott, living with, ministering to, and loving the children at the New Hope for Children Orphanage in Bangalore, India, for six months was a life-changing experience.
Pastor George Fernandes, leader of the orphanage and Helping Hands India, welcomes Christian volunteers who wish to help.  Some have helped for short periods of time (two weeks or so).  Others, like Hannah, have stayed for longer periods.
What's it like?  Thanks to a video that Hannah put together, you can get a definite impression of what it is like to serve in an orphanage in India.  You can view Hannah's video here.
If you cannot go to India and would like to help with this ministry to orphans, you can find more information here.

Big smiles from two of the children at New Hope for Children Orphanage