Exciting news about Russian adoptions on the fast-track

A lot of negative publicity about adoption of Russian orphans has generated a rumor that foreigners (for example USA residents) can no longer adopt from Russia.
This is CURRENTLY not the case.  We emphasize currently simply because things can change so quickly within Russia.
Christian World Adoption reports on their website:  "We are very excited about the current situation with our Russia program!! have recently been receiving referrals of infants within a very short period of time (days or weeks) after a family is registered in a region!  Therefore we are recruiting additional families as referrals are becoming available at a steady pace!"
We continue to encourage adoption of Russian orphans both in Russia and outside of Russia.
Thank you, Lord, for opening more doors for these children to find forever families!

Girls enjoy craft items donated by American family.  Pray for more Russian orphans to be adopted.