Consider a year-end gift to faithful orphan ministry in Belarus

If you are among those of us who are considering year-end giving today, please prayerfully consider a gift to help the orphan ministry of our church partner in Belarus.  Belarus is a former Soviet Union country.  It is a “republic” in name, but its president has authority approaching that of a dictator.  
     Volunteers from the church in Belarus are dedicated to helping orphans in four different facilities, including one home for children with developmental impairments.  Many of the orphans are adults with disabilities.
     Teams of 10 to 17 from the church spend almost every Saturday visiting with the orphans.  Here is a brief report from our contact in Belarus:
     “When we go to the orphanages, we divide in several groups. One of the groups makes a concert-playing program and gathers about 100-200 kids.  Some go to the kids who cannot walk, carry them in their arms, sing, pray. Some people go to the kids who move in wheelchairs, make puppet shows, and sing. One more group draws with those who cannot be in the assembly hall. So all the kids are busy.  When somebody blesses us with finances we buy soap bubbles, toys, soap, pencils, paper. We make chocolate presents for Christmas. Our church is not big, about 30-40 constant members and the same amount of kids. People from our church are very good.  God opens their hearts to help. I think some of them give half of their salary. Nobody cares about kids we come to… only God working through our volunteers. Children are very glad to see us and wait for us every month. They feel that somebody needs them and then somebody needs them.”
     If you would like to bless this ministry with a gift, please designate that your gift is for Belarus ministry.  100% of your gift will go to Belarus to bless this faithful orphan ministry.  You can donate online using your credit card, or donate by mail sending your check to the address listed below.

     God bless you for your heart for orphans!  We wish you a New Year full of blessings and love!


Volunteer from church in Belarus brings ice cream to orphan