The disappointment of not getting selected...

     Today I got up "bright and early" to head out for jury duty.  I was among the first of the 80 or so prospective jurors to arrive at the courthouse.  I completed the questionnaire, confident that I would be selected to serve on a jury... something I've never done.  After three hours of orientation and screening by opposing attorneys, the 12 jurors and two alternates were selected... and I wasn't one of them.  Part of me was relieved that I was free to go, but part of me wondered:  why was I not selected?
     As I drove home, my thoughts turned to children in orphanages in Russia and around the world.  The children who see families come and select other children, but never get selected for foster homes or adoption themselves.  Thank God for our volunteers and ministers who visit these "not selected" children on a regular basis.  Thank God that these children can be adopted into God's eternal family through the precious gift of His only son, Jesus, the Messiah!

Thank you, volunteers, for visiting the children who have not yet been "selected"