Igor Klishchenko: "I will bring the Father's love to his orphan children"

     Yesterday, I wrote about Katya, a Russian orphan who thought she was going to be adopted in Russia, and then, at the last minute, her new mother-to-be refused to take her into the family.
     Katya's story about her father's death, her mother's "hard drinking", and her almost being adopted was shared with us by Igor Klishchenko, a minister to Russian orphans.
     Igor Klishchenko and his family are the only family that many orphans in the Kaluga region of Russia will ever know.  God has called Igor and his family to be the Light and Love of Jesus for some very special children.  You can see a lot of Igor's photos and listen to at least one of his songs (in video) on Facebook.  
     Last year, Igor and his family were having a very difficult time financially.  Then, a very generous gift from a family in America provided support for several months of living expenses.  Big Family Mission is seeking those who wish to sow into Igor's ministry on a regular basis.  We have a few partners for this ministry, but we need many more to continue this important work.  Please take a few minutes and read more about Igor's calling, his family, and how you can contribute to Igor's ministry through Big Family Mission.  100% of funds donated to Big Family Mission for Igor's ministry go to Igor and his family.

Igor Klishchenko with his family