What is sadder than not getting adopted?

Igor Klishchenko, who ministers to Russian orphans, recently told us about Katya, a 13-year-old orphan whom he met in an orphan camp during the summer of 2010.
During a recent orphanage visit, he had the opportunity to talk with Katya and catch up on what is going on in her life.
Igor relates “She eagerly started telling me everything what happened to her during that year and a half while we hadn`t seen each other.  Katya told me that this year her father died because of some illness that her mother continued to drink hard.  Her mother had her both arms and one leg broken and how it happened.  She also told me that a girl from the orphanage drank beer and jumped from the third floor late at night but survived having her hipbone broken.  She told me emotionally that the orphanage changed five directors this year. The first one was fired for hard drinking.  She told that she won the first prize in English language contest among all seventh grade classes of her school (she studies at a state general school at the town). 
“The most painful experience that Katya told me about was a failure with a foster mother. Katya wanted so much to live in a foster family. A woman came to meet Katya and to take her to her foster family.    “Katya liked this woman very much, and later she was told to pack her belongings and move to her foster mother. But when she was packed and ready, Katya was told that that woman wouldn`t take her. It was an awful moment for Katya. It turned out that at the last moment the woman learned about Katya`s predisposition to tuberculosis and worried for her own daughter who could be expelled from the university for the contact with Katya… which is, of course, nonsense.” 
What is worse than not getting adopted?  To think that you are being adopted, and then suddenly find that you are not going to be.
Please keep Katya and Igor’s ministry to orphans in your prayers!

Katya, on right, with Vika at summer orphan camp